In 2008, MELTA made significant changes to its profile and the structure of the committee to widen its scope and reflect a national professional organisation. The MELTA committee now consists of an Executive council and a Bureau of directors.



The Research and Development Bureau at MELTA aims to initiate and conduct research that has relevance to current ELT concerns in Malaysia and create a greater awareness of issues in ELT theory and practice among MELTA members and the public.



The overall aim of the MELTA Special Interest Groups is to provide a platform for engagement of and access to viewpoints and ideas from Malaysia and around the world through an easily accessible online forum approach. Discussions in the Online forum are moderated by SIG Coordinators well versed in specific areas of English Language Education.  Apart from moderation and administration tasks, SIG Coordinators are also responsible for encouraging the organisation of SIG Seminars amongst popular forum discussion groups.



The Special Projects Bureau aims to organise theme-based national level special projects and supports the Malaysian government in implementing and evaluating policies connected to English language education. These include rural community projects, National Colloquiums and National Competitions. The bureau also organises and runs MELTA’s social responsibility projects which are subsumed under MELTA’s ‘Melt-a-Heart’ endeavours. 



The Publications Bureau aims to disseminate recent work and research by Malaysian and international experts, ensure continued publication of MELTA’s quarterly newsletter and organizes organises the publication of new titles in the Sasbadi – MELTA ELT series.



The Journals Bureau administers the publication of MELTA’s two journals, The English Teacher (ISSN 0128-7729) - a refereed print-based journal published once a year in December and Malaysian Journal of ELT Research (ISSN: 1511-8002) - a refereed online journal which publishes articles in two issues each year. The first issue appears not later than April and the second by August each year.



The MELTA Chapters Bureau administers activities in different parts of the country so that MELTA members can meet and carry out activities according to their own local needs, thus ensuring the dissemination of current and state-of-the-art knowledge and expertise.



The Technologies Bureau aims to promote ELT at all levels, to provide the latest online information and news regarding ELT in Malaysia and to provide reference RELATING TO technology matters in the ELT world.



The Training Bureau administers a range of top quality training programmes to Malaysian educators, learners and the corporate sector. Custom-based programmes are also designed to meet the various needs of clients. The committee also collaboratively conducts training with other professional bodies.