• To promote English language teaching at all levels

  • To bring English language teachers together,allowing them to share experiences and research

  • To acquaint teachers with current thinking in ESL/EFL teaching

  • To introduce the Malaysian ELT community to ESL/EFL professionals from outside Malaysia and introduce Malaysia to those from abroad



  • To make MELTA the foremost English language professional body in Malaysia

  • To make MELTA one of the foremost ELT organisations in the world

  • To ensure that all English language teachers in Malaysia are directly or indirectly affiliated to MELTA

  • To be recognized as one authority for continuous professional development of English language teachers

  • To pool together all expertise and resources for ELT in Malaysia, and make them available for teachers all over the country

  • To liaise with major ELT organizations in the ESL/EFL world

  • To help the Government to promote English language usage among Malaysians


Our Logo

MELTA is the acronym for the Malaysian English Language Teaching Association.



The stylized 'M' is a symbolic representation of the 'M' in MELTA. It is stylized to demonstrate that MELTA is a flexible and dynamic organisation. The 'M' breaks the boundaries of the rectangular blue box to show that MELTA and Malaysian teachers need to work both within and outside the box to achieve greater success. It also suggests that there should be no limits to education and learning.


The Rectangular Box represents the conventional world of education and language use.


Royal blue is the MELTA colour and has been used in its logo since the establishment of the organisation. It represents resilience, depth and stability in education and learning.


The colour white represents the notion of tabula rasa in education. It reflects the purity of the learner and the act of learning.