The English Teacher 1987

  Beyond Methods: Alternative Approaches to Instructional Design in Language Teaching by Jack C. Richards
English Language Teaching In Malaysia: A Historical Account by Hyacinth Gaudart
Functions of Code-switching in Malaysia and Singapore by Soo Kheng Soon
Assessing Oral Proficiency: A UKM Experience by Koo Yew Lie and Harriet Wong
Reading Aloud Allowed? by Henry Hepburn
Reading and National Development: What the Universities Can Do by Fatimah Hamid Don and Safiah Osman
A Review of Research on the Composing Processes of Skilled and Unskilled Native and ESL/EFL by Lee May Eng
The Use of Freewriting in the Teaching of Writing by Lee Su Kim
A Way in: A Stylistic Analysis of Poetry by Michael S. Clark

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