Background to the Award

The Award was set up in May 2001 to honour the late Professor Dr. Hyacinth Gaudart, a leading figure in the field of English language teaching in Malaysia. The late Professor has made major contributions to the development of ELT through her teaching, scholarship, research, publications and her involvement in the Malaysian English Language Teaching Association (MELTA).

The Award of RM1000 will be presented annually. It is managed by the Malaysian English Language Teaching Association (MELTA) and is fully sponsored by Pearson Malaysia. The winner of the Award will be announced at the Opening Ceremony of MELTA conferences.

Eligibility For The Award

Candidates must be nominated by Ministries, Education Departments, schools, colleges or any other educational institutions. DOWNLOAD NOMINATION FORM HERE


  1. Candidates must be Malaysian citizens.
  2. The award is open to Malaysian ELT teachers teaching at pre-school, primary school or secondary school level.
  3. Candidates who are currently in full-time employment in any public/private university or university-college are not eligible. However, candidates with teaching experience in any other institution prior to their employment in universities or university-colleges may be considered, on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Candidates must have been or are involved in ELT activities or situations that are considered exceptional, and beyond the ordinary duties of an English language teacher. A few examples are:
    • organising English learning activities for minority groups such as the Orang Asli
    • conducting activities that have resulted in a significant improvement in English
    • showing unfaltering commitment to teaching activities despite encountering major personal difficulties.
  5. Candidates’ involvement in community work, research and publication will be an advantage.
  6. Candidates need not be MELTA members at the time of nomination.
  7. All nominations should be accompanied by written documentation of the candidates’ work which highlights service record, professional development courses, descriptions of exceptional contributions and/or personal sacrifice in the interest of the call of duty. Supporting documents such as photocopies of newspaper articles about the candidates, signed letters of recommendation and certificates should be included where possible.


Panel of Judges: A panel of five judges will choose the winner of the Award. The chairman of the panel of judges will be the President of MELTA. The panel shall consist of three judges appointed by MELTA and two judges from Pearson Education.

The Winners
2003 Sukeshini a/p M.M. Narayanan Nair

2004 Josephine Leela a/p V. Damodaram

2005 Malini a/p Arianayagam Nee Mrs. M. Duraisingam

2006 Sin Sun Bue A/P Sin Yong Eng

2008 Margaret Mary Lawrence Joseph

2009 Shah Rizal bin Mohd Akip @ M. Sarip

         Khairul Anuar bin Abd Manap

         Paramasvary Subramaniam

2010 Tan Jee Ngoh

         Yap Yoke Chin

         Lye Mei Yin

2011 Mahiran bt Mohd Noor

2012 Shantini S. Karalasingam

2016 Chandrakala Raman