Remedial English Language Intervention Programme is a joint venture project initiated by Yayasan Budi Penyayang Malaysia. It  is developed and conducted in support of moves by the Government of Malaysia to equip Malaysians with adequate and appropriate English Language competence targeted at achieving Malaysia’s Vision 2020 and Knowledge-based economy. This  programme started in the beginning of 2007.



  • The Remedial English Language Intervention Programme is aimed at providing complementary and supplementary language learning support to learners with poor and low language competence. The programme is focused at helping these learners bridge the language gap vital to their success in the Malaysian schools’ English language programme and in their Science and Mathematics classes.
  • This programme concentrates on providing learners with appropriate and adequate English language competence to function suitably in their school environment and meet the fundamental needs of the English language, science and mathematics lessons.


Programme Structure

The Remedial English Language Intervention Programme  covers two basic groups of learners:

  • Learners with nil or elementary level English language abilities
  • Learners with lower intermediate level English language abilities


The Remedial English Language Intervention Programme is aimed at helping students of two age groups: Group 1 – Standard 4 – 6 (10 – 12 years) and Group 2 – Forms 1-3 (13 – 15 years). Each Intervention group will consist of between 20-25 students.


This programme is  offered at the beginning to  learners residing in Seri Kembangan, Bandar Seri Permai, Puchong and Serdang. In 2009, this programme was then offered to learners in Kepala Batas, Seberang Perai Utara.


Classes are conducted on Saturdays for 3 hours. Classes are held at the Yayasan Budi Penyayang Building (Sri Kembangan and Kepala Batas).


Tutors involved in this programme are qualified, experienced and dedicated lecturers and language teachers from various universities and schools in Selangor, Federal Territory, Kedah and Penang.  The tutors who have been involved in this programme are:


Sri Kembangan

Abu Bakar bin Mohamed Razali

Ng Mindy

Mohan a/l Perumal

Harold Poong Wan Hing

Cammy Low Chan Mee

Rose Lim Wui Ching

Khairunnisa Iberahin

Renee Chiew

Sabrina bt Mahili

Yasotha Arumugam

Mahfuza binti Musa

Joanna Jishvithaa


 Kepala Batas

Teh Sharifuddin Abdullah

Yogesswari A/P Nagalingam

Mohd Amirul Hafiz Bin Mohd Roslam

Khong Hou Keat

Ummu Salmah Rahamatullah

Annette Jaya Ram

Anna Cherubin

Prabawathy Pillay

Nanssy A/P Aruljothi


In 2008, the programme  started in March and ended in November. There were  two classes for each group with the total of 103 learners registered for  this programme and four tutors were involved in teaching. For 2009, the enrolment for Seri Kembangan English classes was 65 learners while for Kepala Batas, there was an enrolment of 50 learners.


In  2010, there are about 65 learners registered for Sri Kembangan English classes and they are placed in three classes.