About MELTA R&D  


Research and Development is conducted by MELTA in line with the vision and aspirations of the association to contribute to the development of ELT in Malaysia. Research projects that are carried out by MELTA centre on the investigation of theory, practice and policy pertinent to current ELT concerns in the country, and through the dissemination of its research findings. The main aim of Research and Development at MELTA is to create a greater awareness of issues in ELT theory and practice among MELTA members and the public through its Centre of Excellence for English Language Education.


Types of R&D 


The R&D team seeks to actively organise research in the following areas of English Language Education: 


    • New Paradigms for the Professional Development of English Language Educators 


    • Alternative and innovative pedagogies in English Language Education 


    • Multimodal Literacies and English Language Education 


    • Literature and English Language Education 


    • Gender and English Language Education 


    • Social Responsibility and English Language Education 


  • Early Childhood English Language Education