MELTA is proud to announce the setting up of it very own Centre of Excellence for English Language Education. The main objective of this centre is to further advance the aims and aspirations of the association to be the foremost English language professional body in Malaysia. Its primary aim is to provide research and collaboration opportunities for the professional development of ELT practitioners, learners and language enthusiasts of similar interests. 

The Centre is entrusted with the task of organising and administering to various activities aimed at furthering the production of knowledge in the field of English Language Education. These will centre on fundamental areas of English Language Education, mainly Teacher Education, Multiple Literacies, Assessment & Evaluation and Policy & Curriculum. The centre also aims to generate research and publications through the creation of niche areas of research in English Language Education. The following are some of the planned activities: 

Research Seminars and Colloquiums 
·            Colloquiums on Graduate Research in English Language Education

·            Action Research Modules for Teachers and early career educationists 

·            Research Skills for  Postgraduate Students  in ELE 

·            Guest Speaker Sessions 

·            ELE Graduate Seminar Series 

Professional Development of English Language Teachers 

·          A-Z of Conference Presentations :

o         Preparing Abstracts

o         Presentation Skills

o         Developing a conference paper for possible publication)

Collaboration and Networking Opportunities for Early Career Educationists and Postgraduate Students in ELE 

·            Database of studies in ELE 

·            Access to experts in the field 

Research Publications 

·            Occasional Papers in ELE 

·            ELE Monographs 

·            Journal of Graduate Studies in  ELE 


· Opportunities for final year undergraduates and postgraduates to develop skills in ELE (management, assistant tutors for the training programmes, rapporteurs for the numerous Special Projects organised by MELTA, etc).

· Internships with ELT Associates 

ELE Research Fellowships  


·  Research Attachments at /collaborations with MELTA ELT Associates and local private/public universities.The ultimate aim of this centre is to promote the borderless transfer of knowledge of English Language Education and to make it accessible to the general public. Research products will be disseminated in the form of research reports, occasional papers and journal publications.